Dirty Little Angels by Chris Tusa

Tusa’s vividly describes the poverty of the people of places like New Orleans’ ninth ward pre-Katrina. A fifteen year-old girl, Haley, tells this story in the first person as she struggles to find herself. Haley’s narration of her dysfunctional family, her blighted neighborhood, and the people who live there draws the reader into her world.

The book is well written, and is a good read. I only found a few word mix-ups and errors, but I read the first draft in a PDF format. I am sure these mistakes have been edited and corrected for the printing of the book. Dirty Little Angels is definitely an adult book (18+).  Haley and her brother struggle with, poverty, drugs, and a seedy character that involves them in criminal activities. God does not appear to be interested in saving her family, and that chore is taken on by the fifteen year-old.

This is not a light read, though it is totally engrossing. Great character development by the author. I think that Christopher is a rising young literary star.

Reviewed by J.M. Anton (readers 18+)

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