The Siren’s Call by Donna McDonald

Title: The Siren’s Call

Sub Title: Book Three of the Forced to Serve Series

Author: Donna McDonald

Copyright: 2012

Genre: Science Fiction, Erotica, Bondage

Adult Fiction: 18

 Donna McDonald’s “The Siren’s Call” is an intriguing story that pulls you along through her fantasy world. I do not think it fits in the science fiction genre. It is more erotica, bondage, and borderline porno. This is the third book of the “Forced to Serve Series” and it continues following the lives of those on board the rescue ship Liberator. Zade and Gwen, finally go through a formal bonding ceremony. .As with the previous books McDonald goes through great length to create strong willed independent women. Then, she sets out to destroy them with captivity and bondage. Most of their mates are as selfish and sadistic as their captors.

 Many of the beings involved are centuries old and portrayed as enlightened, which makes their behavior even more ludicrous. Interesting characters abound, and in the beginning I thought the Forced to Serve part of the series sub title was in reference to Malachi who I thoroughly enjoyed. Then as I read on in the first two books, I thought the reference forced to serve was aimed at the crew serving on the Liberator. It has become painfully obvious to me that I was mistaken. These folks are forced to serve as sex slaves to their mates and every sick-o in the solar system.

If you like raw sex and demeaning behavior toward the female of the species, with an occasional abuse of a male, then this is your cup of tea. For serious Sci-fi, or Romance fans beware.

Reviewed by Jackie Anton from kindle e-book (3 Stars)

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