White Witch Pond

Author Jody Kihara

Review by Jackie Anton

            Looking for something creepy to read, look no further. Jody Kihara has written a very spooky, spine tingling, hair standing up on the back of your neck witch/ghost story for teens and adults alike. Eerie ponds, dark winding streets in October, strange black dogs and even stranger creepy happenings all combine in a suspenseful quest to solve the mystery of a witch who drowned in a pond on Halloween thirteen years earlier.

Shaya and Dev Solen have just moved to a new city. The new neighborhood is made up of a nest of winding streets in which the uninitiated are soon lost. As a rule, Shaya must walk home from school with her older brother. While taking a short cut through the park, they pass a pond, rumored to be the site of a drowning of a witch thirteen years earlier. Next to the pond Shaya finds a raven feather bracelet. The bracelet gives Shaya a very bad felling and she throws it away. Like a bad penny it keeps turning up.

White Witch Pond is youth fiction, but is also an entertaining read for adults.  Formatted for younger readers, therefore; shorter in length and designed to get the attention of younger readers quickly and sustain this attention to the conclusion. Most authors who write good children and young adult fiction must have better writing technique then those writing for adults. They employ fewer words, write more concisely and yet, at the same time deliver a high caliber plot driven story designed to keep young reader’s attention. Jody Kihara is a master at clean concise writing that grabs your attention from creepy beginning to the dramatic cemetery conclusion.

Jody does a wonderful job of weaving a spooky tale, that makes young readers and adults alike wonder what is really out there. Is Shaya really hearing voices coming from the foggy night? Who is in the house when the power goes out? What has possessed her annoying brother? Pick up this young adult novel, you won’t want to put it down

Reviewed from Kindle e-book

Jody’ current book is the subject of her April interview on my main blog http://jackieanton.com/ there is also a link on the home page of this blog.

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