A Good Ranch Romance…

4 Star review by Joan Adamak from the Kindle Edition of Fateful Waters:

This story reminds me of those once found in Ranch Romance magazines of the forties and fifties, which were so popular among housewives. Alexandra Parker and Melinda Potter were roommates in college for five years and best of friends. Melinda’s family was rich and her father helped Alexandra a/k/a Lexie to find employment as an accountant after graduation. Melinda had been having an on-line romance with a David Decker who persuaded Melinda to leave her home in Ohio and meet him in Lubbock, Texas, which was where he owned a ranch. Melinda’s family couldn’t stop her, so sent Lexie along to keep Melinda stable.

The girls drove to Lubbock. David picked up Melinda and drove her to his ranch, leaving Lexie to drive Melinda’s car out later. He gave Lexie directions by cell phone in how to drive to his ranch, but deliberately led her astray during a torrential downpour, which caused violent flash floods. Lexie slid off the road into deep mud, became stuck and almost drowned when two horsemen appeared and rescued her, one putting her on his horse and riding off with her as she lost consciousness and became very sick with pneumonia. She next awakened in a hospital, being called by the hospital personnel as Mrs. Ross. And thus began this tale of a love/hate relationship between between Lexie and this stranger on the horse, Cutter Ross; the drug induced kidnapping of Melinda by Decker, and the many trials and tribulations of life on the ranches in Texas during an extreme drought, which brought out the best and worst of everyone.

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