Phillipa and the Big Scot

By Joan Adamak

Review by J.M. (Jackie) Anton

 Joan has brought to life a spoiled, willful child of the 19th century. Seventeen year-old Phillipa is the only daughter of overindulgent parents. She meets Scotty at one of the many social Balls of the period for affluent people in Boston society. She coerces an introduction to the Big Scot to make another hopeful beau jealous.

Be careful what you wish for. Phillipa is faced with the choice of a convent or becoming Scotty’s wife. I did not like the spoiled young girl much, and not until she reached her new home did she begin to develop into a believable, likable, person.

Descriptions of scenery and living conditions of the times are vividly described. Joan’s character development is superb. It immerses the reader in the wild country of eighteen hundred America.

The character Scotty, as developed in the story, is aware that he has married a spoiled, immature, child. He sets out to teach her how to survive in his world. I found it a stretch for his character to dump her off and turn his back on the helpless child that he had married. Makes you wonder who the heck is the immature one?

Will these two ever come to an accord, and truly become husband and wife as declared in the hastily arranged wedding ceremony?  Read it for yourself to find out.

If you like historical romance, you will enjoy Phillipa and the Big Scot

Review is from a Kindle version.

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