However Long the Night

David Pereda’s “However Long the Night” smacks of realism, and his three dimensional characters are absolutely believable.

Much of the book is set in Cuba. Readers are allowed to see the changes in the Country and its people over a twenty-year time period as seen through the eyes of his protagonist Cid. Mr. Pereda successfully transports readers to another world fraught with danger, corruption, and poverty.

Cid, his brother Manny, and his best friend Joaquin scour the island home of their youth in search of Cid’s lost love Sandra and his son. Cid’s father, facing certain death in the very near future, finally admits his complicity in many distasteful events. His deceitful actions prior to the family’s exodus from Cuba drastically change many lives. Now, he seeks absolution for his sins from those he wronged.

David Pereda keeps the mystery of his tale alive through to the last pages. Readers will be engaged and keep turning the pages of this award-winning novel. This romance incorporates much historical accuracy, political intrigue, and adventure. Find out for yourself why this book won the Lighthouse Book Award for fiction as well as the Royal Palm Award for fiction.

I highly recommend this book. It was a good read. I give it a 4 star rating, only because, not being bilingual, I found some passages difficult to follow. Thus slowing down the flow of the story.

Reviewed by Jackie (18 +)

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