4 Star Review by Heather Osborne

4 Star review By Heather Osborne for Readers’ Favorite

Wind River Refuge by J.M. Anton tells the tragic tale of Jax, a troubled young woman with a colorful past. After experiencing an abusive childhood and time in a juvenile detention, she comes to live at the Double D ranch with her grandfather’s cousin. Maggie becomes a surrogate mother to the frightened child and helps her work to overcome many of the past issues that have plagued her. Maggie’s support and love allow Jax to grow into a strong, albeit headstrong, woman. After an unexpected encounter with Garrett McBride, the son of another rancher with whom Jax clashed years ago, she finds herself infatuated and frustrated by him. McBride is a wounded Vietnam vet with a dark past of his own. When strange things start to happen and Jax’s life is put at risk, Garrett will do anything to protect her. Despite a constant battle of wills, they find in each other a mutual attraction that could prove fatal to both.

Miss Anton weaves a believable and fascinating story throughout the book. I really found myself drawn into the world of Garrett and Jax. Truthfully, I was rooting for Garrett the entire time. I knew he wasn’t the threat that everyone made him out to be. I enjoyed the subtle twists throughout and I was kept guessing about who was the mystery assailant. I did want to hear more about Jax’s birth family and brother, but I assume that will be explained in the sequel. I also would have liked to see a bit more of the Native American heritage of the McBrides. Overall, though, Wind River Refuge is an excellent mix of thriller and romance.

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