Review of “Dark Tidings” By Ken Magee

 Title: Dark Tidings  Author: Ken Magee Copyright: 2011                                    Publisher: Ragged Cover Publishing  ISBN: 978-1-908090-2-25                                            In paperback and e-book

“Dark Tidings” is a unique look at the haves and the have-nots throughout time. This book is also the first of two, in a trilogy, that the author entitles “Ancient Magic Meets the Internet.”                                                                                                                          Ken’s sense of humor puts his medieval characters in some bizarre and hilarious situations. Their bumbling is slapstick at times. However, this story brings light to the ongoing struggle of the average Joe to get a fair shake from the super wealthy that run the world. The author gives us a  look at the dark and powerful few behind a millennium of evil.                                                                                                                                                                        Enter the travel through time where our medieval duo, Tung and Maddrick, are catapulted into the twenty-first century. There they meet our uber-hacker, Michael. The result of this strange friendship and collaboration will leave readers in stitches.

 This book is a fun read for young adults, their parents, and grandparents. It is good clean fun. I highly recommend this book and give it five stars. Well done, Ken Magee. This review was done from the kindle version.

Reviewed by Jackie Anton…author of the Award Winning “Backyard Horse Tales” series.

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