Not Just a Horse Tale . . . “Itsa” Good One

Reviewed by Nina Norstrom from the Ebook
Backyard Horse Tales 2
Frosty and the Nightstalker
Genre: YA
Authored by Jackie Anton
Illustrated by Sandy Shipley

This is a marveling tale for children; horse lovers; and adults alike. Its story is told through the tone of a horse (Frosty); about animals and humans. Wow! How interesting? It kicks off in the late 1960s; Ohio; and takes its reader into the farmland (Hi-Lo Farms). But not only there will readers travel many a journey; they shall find themselves weaving back and forth from century-to-century; alongside varies land fields. The author (Jackie Anton) has done a superb job with giving precise, descriptive visualization of its many characters and scenery.
As we know horses don’t generally vocalize via talk; but uses plenty of extensive equine expressions (body language/movements) to get their message across ─ to another. Strangely though inside this fairy tale, it may appear its reader can actually see clearly and distinctively every single detail – as Frosty relays its story. Through the unique fashion of presentation, the words appear to jump off the page and place its reader in the moment; bringing the whole picture to real- life.
With this structure of presentation (the author uses), it only exemplifies her fine quality of writing style. Using the aid of its illustrator (Sandy Shipley), there is array of adoring pictures that sparks an added touch to this grand ole’tale. It is so fantastically written and illustrated that this book should easily find a place in the public school system; not limited to the library but classrooms as well. To say the least, this storybook is well-equipped with information that’s full of education, entertainment and excitement. This one particular book will make anyone’s’ list of gift-giving. To the author and illustrator, I give `em both a salute – Kudos!

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