Seeds of Discovery (Dusk Gate Chronicles – Book One)

by Breena Puttroff


Reviewed by

Jackie Anton


“Seeds of Discovery” was a   pleasant surprise. I don’t think I would have ever read this book if not for this tour.  While there were some minor typos, and errors early in this book the storyline was fascinating. I enjoyed it enough to pick up the next in the continuing story of Quinn who is torn between two worlds. Book two kind of left the reader hanging. So on to Book three to see how Quinn decides to deal with two alternate worlds, and three heartthrobs. Cliff hangers are meant to keep the readers wanting the next installment. Puttroff has successfully written just such a series.


Personally, I was disappointed that no conclusion had been reached by either Quinn, or the author by the conclusion of book three. Thus, I have lost interest, but I think young adult readers will enjoy the story of Seeds of Discovery, and the subsequent books.
Quinn finds herself in another world while following William down near the river. Quinn quickly becomes friends with William’s entire family.  Much to William’s chagrin his younger brother Thomas and Quinn become inseparable.


          This book is a fun and quick read and when the reader is finished they will want more. They will want to know more about Quinn, more of her relationships with Zander, Thomas, and William. “Roots of Insight” (Book Two) will provide more of all the characters as well as some interesting twist and turns.


Note: This review was from the Kindle version.




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