Right up there with Marguerite Henry and Walter Farley

5 Stars from AGILBORDER on Amazon:
When I was a YA, I lived and breathed horses and waited for each Walter Farley or Marguerite Henry book to appear for my birthday or Christmas. Well, this book and this series of Backyard Horse Tales would have definitely been on my must have wish list. Author Jackie Anton really knows how to mix the contemporary horse story with history and the significance of the history of the breed as well. I truly enjoyed this book and even though I am an OA (older adult) I plan to read each of her books as they come. I really hope there will be many more books in this series because I not only learned a great deal about the history and landscape of the 1860’s to 1870’s and the Nez Perce tribe and their wonderful horses, but also I was reminded of the cost of how the west was won. It is a wonderful way for a young adult to learn history through a passion for horses.

The dream sequences experienced by Frosty would be especially compelling to young adults as they were to me to help bridge the gap of time and tie the experiences of Frosty and perhaps his crossing between the two worlds. What a great presentation and fascinating way to pull the reader closer into the story. I know I was hard pressed to put this book down and even though I had a lot of supposedly great books on my nightstand…this was the one that I kept picking up because I just had to see how things turned out.

A great read for horse lovers of all ages. Can’t wait for all the rest of the series.

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