We’re Done by Judy Irwin


            Who’s a bully? Surely not Luke, he was just having fun teasing and poking fun at other kids. The handsome and popular thirteen-year-old jock felt right at home in his upscale private academy.

A change of circumstances and a new school force him to reevaluate his behavior up to that time. From a new prospective he begins to understand the affects of bullying on the victims. He also becomes aware of the many forms that bulling takes, from verbal harassment to physical intimidation and cyber bullying.

How does Luke handle trying to fit in at a new school, and the problems of a dysfunctional family life?

This story is well written and gripping.

I highly recommend you pick up a copy to find out how Luke confronts the changes in his life. I read this book as one of the hosts of the book blog tour.  “Were Done” is a good read. It is an interesting read on a tough subject without being preachy. And it is on my Christmas gift list for my grandchild who is just entering middle school.

Review by  Jackie Anton


What if it turns out that YOU’RE the bully – and you didn’t know it?

Up until now, life has been good for 13-year-old Luke. He’s good at sports, attractive, and he’s a big wheel at Heyworth Academy, his private school. He likes to tease, and poke fun at the other kids, but that’s just because he likes having fun. But things start to fall apart, six weeks into eighth grade, when Luke commits an act of ‘goofing around’ that ends up costing him his best friend and his beloved private school.

After he’s expelled, Luke transfers to his local school, Carlyle. Now, he’s on the outside looking in. His looks, and background (not to mention his Heyworth hoodie), make him stand out, and the tough guys zero in on him right away.

The upside-down world that Luke finds himself in at Carlyle gives him a whole new way of looking at things. Can he recover from losing his school, and his best friend, and find new friends and a way to fit in at Carlyle?

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