Room 1515 by Bill Wetterman

Review of Room 1515 by Jackie Anton

Wetterman’s main character, Peacock, is a lonely, guilt-ridden survivor of a fiery highway crash that killed her entire family. She closes of emotionally, and a secret government agency turns her into a deadly professional assassin who is willing to do anything that her job requires. Peacock starts off as the perfect spy, willing to do whatever it takes to complete her assignments, She is untroubled by guilt or regret for her actions an agent, but memories from her past leak through her surgically numbed brain, and   gradually she is into a full fledged troubled soul.

This book is a perfect illustration of just what greed can do, the damage and heartbreak it can cause. Peacock is assigned as a femme fatale to ferret out enemies of the U.S., but she falls for an international power broker who controls the purse strings of Europe and most of the world. One of their major goals is to assassinate the President of the United States who Peacock is sworn to protect.

As Room 1515 developed I began to hope that Peacock could escape the bonds that held her captive. I would like to tell readers that all turns out well for our heroine, but you will just have to pick up a copy to find out for yourselves. A quote from this spy thriller, “My God, my wife’s a bloody James Bond.”

I recommend this well written international spy thriller to those that enjoy this genre, and for those who think that big money is trying to take over the world. You will get a frightening look at the future when these multi billionaires succeed in their bid to rule, and their plans for the rest of us.

Excerpt from Room 1515

            The screeching of an oil tanker’s air brakes hurt her ears. A crushing impact blasted a storm of fire into the air. Molten dust and debris billowed toward her. She sucked in a deep breath and sprawled out, pressing herself flat against the ground. Her spine knotted at the base of her skull, as shards of debris fell like hail around her. Something heavy thudded close to her head.

An eerie silence followed.

For a few minutes time seemed to cease. Then her mind snapped back to reality, and she managed the courage to open her eyes. Rubble lay strewn over the hillside. A vehicle’s headlight had embedded itself into the rocky soil within a few feet of her head. She wasn’t dead or floating out of her body. She didn’t see the lights of heaven. Daring to push up with her hands, she inched onto her knees and stood to her feet.

Her lips quivered as she stared down at the road. She choked back bile at the sight. Black towers of fire and smoke billowed into the sky. Nothing moved. Her family, her rescuer, and the people in the other vehicles must all be dead, incinerated in the blast. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She made no attempt to wipe them away.

There wasn’t one visible scratch on her. Where was the God she’d prayed to all her life? Her dad said God worked everything for the good of those who loved Him. But everyone she cared for was gone. She heard a wail, then realized the sound came from her, a shriek that couldn’t numb her pain.


International Thriller. A female agent named Peacock is sent on a mission to woo and win the heart of the world’s most powerful power-broker. Her job is to learn his secrets and foil his plans. Instead, she falls in love. A story of the balance of world financial power, betrayal, and romance.

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