The Demon Master’s Wife by Donna McDonald

Title: The Demon Master’s Wife


Sub Title: Book two of the Forced to Serve Series


Author: Donna McDonald


Copyright: 2012


Genre: Science Fiction, Erotic Fantasy


Adult Fiction: 18 +


 I have to admit that the beginning of this second book held some promise, and there is an interesting premise to the demon possession and redemption thing. However, the blatant sexual overtones get in the way of what could be a really good story. The title is deceiving. At no point is Ania referred to as Synar’s wife.


 At this point, I can only recommend this book to those needing a hormone and chocolate fix on a cold rainy afternoon. Just be prepared nothing gets resolved in this book. I am starting on book three, only because I already purchased the first four of the series based on the first book, which I enjoyed, and was curious how the author could drag out the story of the crew of the Liberator. I was also lacking science fiction works on my review blog.


I hope the paperback was edited better than the kindle version that was used for this review. There are some minor formatting issues, typos, and missing or misused words.



I have to give this one only 3 stars.


 Reviewed by Jackie Anton


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