Tales From The Dew Drop Inne


Kennneth Weene


Copyright  2012

ISBN 13: 978-09847215-8-0

Published by All Things That Matter Press


Kenneth has captured the comradeship, laughter, and heartbreak of those souls teetering on the edge who call places like the Dew Drop Inne home. Each chapter is a short story unto itself, but weaves a complete tale of the two main characters as they encounter friends, adversaries, and the long arm of the law.

The character study of Cal and Ephriam build in each chapter throughout the book, and culminates in an unexpected ending. Readers are introduced to the regulars who often occupy the same tables, booths, or bar stools at local watering holes. Each resident of the Dew Drop has his or her unique story, and reason for drinking to excess.

Ephriam and Calvin are friends, neighbors, and more like close brothers; both are alcoholics and religious renegades of different stripes. It is unlikely outside of the Dew Drop that the two would have ever met; their backgrounds were worlds apart.

I had some difficulty getting into this book. As a child and teenager I was exposed to many of these characters; of course they had different names, but they were the same. Kenneth brought back many memories of wasted lives that I had long ago filed at the far recesses of my mind. That said, I highly recommend this book. It smacks of realism, but has a lot of humor dispersed among the bizarre antics of those who have immense difficulty walking the proverbial straight line.

Pick up a copy of Tales From The Dew Drop Inne, and meet the veterans, drifters, musicians, over the hill cheerleaders, and grandmothers who wander through the doors.

Review by Jackie Anton


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