A 5 Star Editorial Review

Fateful Waters is Reviewed by Brenda Castro for Reader’s Favorite:

Melinda Potter and Alexandra Parker have been friends for the last five years, ever since they met and shared a room at Ohio State College. So, when Mel meets a man online who lives in Texas she decides to take a trip after graduation to meet him. When her affluent parents ask Lexie to go along to watch out for her she agrees. Once they arrive in Texas it is soon obvious that Mel’s boyfriend is up to no good, and only wants Mel’s money, but Mel doesn’t see it.

Lexie finds herself with her own set of problems when she winds up getting lost, stuck in the mud and then rescued by a handsome rancher named Cutter, only to wind up in the hospital with everyone calling her Mrs. Ross she wonders what the heck is going on. Will Mel be able to escape the clutches of her boyfriend, and what about Lexie? Will she stay in Texas or high tail it back home to Ohio?

The synopsis takes place within the first pages of the story, so suffice it to say the plot of this story moves along at a fantastic pace. The author provides great detail in the story allowing not only the characters but the setting to come to life making me feel as if I was transported to Texas in a drought. I could easily visualize Lexie’s character wallowing in the mud! I really enjoyed the way Lexie’s character was portrayed, as a tough no nonsense woman, with a spitfire attitude. The author had me waffling as to whether I liked Cutter or not. One minute I did, but then the author would throw in a twist and have me rethinking what I actually thought about him. There were several secondary characters that kept the story moving along. The inclusion of Lexie’s German Shepherd Skip, and the role he played, added another layer to the story for me. My only complaint with this story is I thought there were a few dangling ends left, but perhaps the author intends to turn this book into a series. Romance, humor, a bit of suspense along with a twisting plot make this story a good afternoon read. I would caution there is some mild cursing in the story, but it is very minimal.

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