Backyard Horse Tales 2: Frosty and the Nightstalker (Kindle Edition)

5 Star review of J.M.Anton’s book
Title: Backyard Horse Tales 2 Frosty and the Night Stalker
Kindle edition, Illustrated by Sandy Shipley, copyright 2012
This book is suitable for teenagers and adults alike. It starts with the thoughts of a young Appaloosa horse as he is anesthetized for his gelding in the 1960s. During his unconscious period he sees a ghostlike figure of a dark horse with a rider who is unrecognizable. The story continues when the young horse meets his first human owner, Marcie, and a relationship starts.

The dream keeps bothering Frosty until he begins to think deeper about the whole affair.
This takes the reader to 1869 when a new Appaloosa is born into the heard owned by the Nez Perce Native American tribe. He becomes Nightstalker, the horse of one of the braves, Standing Bear, and the story of the Native Americans unfolds.
The Author reveals the sorrow of these people as the white Europeans tried to perform genocide on the entire race. Throughout the book the reader is led back and forth from the 1960s to the 1870s, and the story becomes more entrancing with every page.
This book starts as an interesting tale, and moves to a very competent historical review of the late 19th century in our country. Little known facts from history, and from modern geography are combined to make this book quite compelling. Teenagers will be introduced to a factual history of our west, and adults will have their eyes opened by this author. It is recommended that everyone read this book because it is a very good adventure story, and it corrects many of the inaccuracies that we have learned about our history.

Review by Reynold Bowen

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