Angels at Sunset

Tom Mach Angels at Sunset

Published March 2012 by Hill Song Press

Review by Jackie Anton

This is a must read for today’s young women, and the men who care about them. It is frightening that in the twenty first century there are those who would take away the rights of women to make their own decisions. A trip through our American History is way overdue for members of congress, as well as all young people. Tom Mach has done the research into the struggle of our female ancestors

Angels at Sunset documents the struggle of woman to be heard and to win the right to vote. Tom’s fictional characters are interwoven with actual people and events of the time. History records that women were beaten, brutalized, and jailed following a suffragette rally in Washington DC.  The following is a quote, in the forward of this timely novel, by Elizabeth Cady Stanton”s great-great-granddaughter. “Outside the home it was a man’s world. For instance, it was considered promiscuous for a woman to speak in public, thus stifling her ‘public voice.” (1848)

Though this is the third in a series written by Tom Mach this book stands on its own merit.  The character Jessica after experiencing the 1871 fire in Chicago, and being jailed in 1917 for picketing for women’s rights, returns to Kansas. However, as she prepares for her trip she is unaware that a revengeful man will be following her. He is intent on murdering her and her family.


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