Reviewed by Arlena Dean 

Ebook Review for Librarything, Smashwords, and Amazon:

Fateful Waters 
Author: Jackie Anton

Published By: Dog Ear

Age Recommended: Adult

Raven Rating: 4

“Fateful Waters” by Jackie Anton is a romantic cowboy story. The novel is of two young friends Melinda Potter and Alexandra(Lexi)Parker who had gone across country from Ohio to Texas so that Melinda could see her boyfriend(David).

The story is centered about what happens to Melinda and Lexie as this travel takes off for a stormy ride…..

Fateful Water in a few words…..

For Melinda… it is heartbreaking for her to really find out about her ‘Romeo’….for Lexi….wow….driving in a rain storm…. FATEFUL WATERS……. the cattle in the road….her accident that left Lexi wondering … just who is Mrs. Ross?….the hospital stay…working for Cutter…..back at hometown in Ohio.. Skip….with mom and grandma… a real marriage….Now Mr. and Mrs. Cutter Ross …….

now back in the ‘drought-stricken state of Texas’ at the Rock R……..the puppies….the beat down of Marie, the housekeeper.. house invaded…by David Decker… again….now the little on(son)….another marriage coming up?  You will simply have to pick up the wonderful romance “Fateful Waters” to find out just how it all comes together.
The End…. 

The novel was really fun to read because it kept you turning the pages till the end you were at the end. The author went in great detail in letting the reader know just what was happening every single step of the novel at (the ranches, Lexi’s mom place, the park, the dinner out …. dancing and even hospital visits.

The characters and there were many that really held your attention: Melinda, Lexi, (Mrs. Ross) Cutter, David, Jim, Marie, Patrick, mom(Eve), grandma, Nurse Thacker, Dr. Callahan, Pete, Benson, Booker and I know I have left out a few others but you will get all of them in this read.

I really enjoyed this cowboy novel of “Fateful Waters” and if you are in for a little romance and humor ….. will the guy get the girl?…. then this novel would be a good read for you. 

Jacki Anton….Thank you for having me read your book!
I really enjoyed it.

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